Unveiled…Brand New and at GW

Welcome to the new Unveiled blog at GW’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design! Throughout the academic year, Unveiled will continue to highlight local DC and on-campus arts and cultural events and provide the Corcoran School community the latest insights and dialogue on all things related to the arts. Let’s get started!

Kicking off the month of October is the fourth edition of (e)merge Art Fair opening this weekend (October 2-5) at the Rubell Family’s Capitol Skyline Hotel, in Washington, DC. This event connects emerging-art professionals from around the world with collectors, curators and cultural decision makers in Washington, DC. The opening preview begins Thursday, with a preview party beginning at 7-9 p.m. followed by a concert by the pool with musical talent curated by Brightest Young Things. While Thursday’s preview party seems a bit pricey, ($45 in advance, $55 at the door), Friday through Sunday daily admission prices are $15 and free for students with their student IDs. This is definitely an extraordinary opportunity to be inspired by emerging international artists in the DC Area.

Interested in musical theatre? Attend the world premiere of Vanishing Point by Jeri Kroll playing at the Betts Theatre in the Marvin Center on Foggy Bottom’s campus. Vanishing Point explores the interior and exterior life of nineteen-year-old Diana who struggles with anorexia and bulimia. Living with a demanding father, a mother who dabbles in charismatic religion and a brother with Down syndrome, Diana feels pressured to be the family savior, to be “perfect.” The play takes us on Diana’s journey into a place of healing and hope. Vanishing Point premieres October 16th and doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Do you feel like you have the pulse on the latest local DC and campus arts scenes? Would you like to share your insights and contribute to the Unveiled blog? Please contact Fabiola Joubert at the Corcoran School with your submission ideas.

Camp Creativity: Week Eight, This Summer was GREAT! + Virtual Gallery

This week, Camp Creativity ended the summer with a bang! Our last week of camp was jam-packed with fun and excitement, as Camp Creativity teamed up with Kid Pan Alley to put together an amazing musical performance. We kicked off the week with a tour of the gallery, taking in pieces from the Corcoran’s permanent collection as well as current exhibition, American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley. Drawing inspiration from the art they saw, groups of campers rotated through four activities: set and prop making, costume design, movement, and song-writing to bring their ideas to life. It all came together this afternoon in a spectacular performance featuring all original songs and artwork written and created by our own very talented campers.

camp creativity summer fun art set props performance Corcoran
Campers cut out shapes for hand-held props.

In set and prop making, Ms. Whitney taught campers a variety of construction and model-building techniques. Campers used these skills to create lightweight, moveable, kid-friendly set pieces inspired by artwork from the gallery.

In Ms. Margo’s costume-making class, students used recycled materials to create unique costumes that reflect their individual personalities as well as the exhibits on display in the gallery.

camp creativity summer art fun kids glue costume performance Corcoran
Campers carefully construct their costumes.

Campers worked with Ms. Roberta to create the choreography for the show. Drawing from the physical characteristics of Albert Paley’s sculptural works, students focused on movement words such as curved, spiky, folded, and crumpled. Campers combined their individual creativity and teamwork skills to create a cohesive set of movements that highlight their music and artwork.

camp creativity summer fun art movement dance performance Corcoran
Students get warmed up for movement with Ms. Roberta.

In just four days, Mr. Donnie and Ms. Mary led students in a series of songwriting sessions that resulted in six original songs and a mini-opera. Campers let their imaginations soar, building on ideas sparked by the incredible artwork they explored in the gallery.

camp creativity summer fun kids art songwriting lyrics brainstorm Kid Pan Alley Corcoran sing performance
Campers brainstorm ideas for song lyrics.

With a final bow, we say farewell to summer and to Camp Creativity. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful group of kids and instructors to help make these eight weeks unforgettable. To see some of the highlights from our final week, check out the Virtual Gallery below!

Camp Creativity: Week Seven, Artistic Expression! + Virtual Gallery

Week Seven has been a blast at Camp Creativity! Keep reading to see what our amazing campers have been working on this week! Continue reading “Camp Creativity: Week Seven, Artistic Expression! + Virtual Gallery”

Camp Creativity: Week Six, Your Friday Art Fix! + Virtual Gallery

We had a spectacular Week 6 here at Camp Creativity! Read on to see what our young artists have been up to this week!


camp creativity hill center corcoran summer fun art gallery
Campers point to their favorite colors.

Campers at the Hill Center got creative this week in Cartooning and Color My World. Our Cartooning campers learned how to incorporate many different styles of cartooning into their work, creating their own storyboards, comic strips, and more! In Color My World, learning about color theory and color mixing helped campers understand how color works. They created beautiful artwork bursting with creative colors!



camp creativity summer art fun collage color glue tissue paper georgetown
Campers get colorful with tissue paper.

This week at Georgetown, our young artists worked with subjects – real and imaginary, big and small – in Creepy, Crawly Critters, Fantasy Art, Plethora of Portraits, and Pop Art. Campers in Creepy, Crawly Critters explored the world of bugs, from elegant butterflies to enchanting fireflies. They created vibrant, colorful artworks of their specimens. Our Fantasy Art campers made artwork inspired by mythical creatures and fairy tales, venturing to unknown lands with only their imaginations to guide them. In Plethora of Portraits, artists used printmaking, 3D materials, photography and drawing to recreate portraits of themselves and their friends. Inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, campers in Pop Art experimented with printmaking, creating product labels, food sculptures, and word paintings.



camp creativity summer fun art students resin downtown casting
Campers gather round for a demonstration.

This week, our Downtown campers participated in Jewelry Design and Painting Explorations. In Jewelry Design, students used mixed media and materials to create 3D, wearable art. Artists created jewelry, jewelry boxes, and other accessories. Campers in Painting Explorations learned a variety of watercolor techniques and used a combination of watercolor and acrylic to create landscapes and abstract paintings.

The summer is winding down, and Camp Creativity only has two more weeks to go! Registration is still open for our final week, Kid Pan Alley. For more information about registration, please visit http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps.

Camp Creativity: Week Five, We Set the Bar High! + Virtual Gallery

Week Five has been a blast here at Camp Creativity! Keep reading to see what our campers have been up to.


camp creativity summery fun corcoran hill center art paper folding kids
Campers concentrate on their paper creations.

This week at the Hill Center, campers worked their imaginations in Story Illustration and Mermaids, Monsters, and Sea Creatures. Campers in Story Illustration learned how to tell a story from start to finish! These artists designed their own unique stories, illustrated them, and created several different kinds of “books.” Our Mermaids, Monsters, and Sea Creatures campers took a dive under the ocean to learn about mythical sea creatures. They created 2D and 3D projects inspired by their adventures.



camp creativity summer fun art flowers kids georgetown hat nature
Crazy campers show off their stylish new headwear.

Our Georgetown campers went on a whirlwind of adventures this week in Around the World, Circus, Flower Power, and Animal Menagerie. Artists in Around the World travelled to all seven continents, stopping to construct towering totem poles and dance to African drums. Our Circus campers created works of art featuring spectacular sights and bright lights and drew inspiration from If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss. Campers became one with nature this week in Flower Power as they created paintings and mixed media works based on flowers, bringing their art to life with fabulous and flamboyant flower hats. Our brave Animal Menagerie artists went on an expedition with wild animals, making masks, mythical creatures, and sculptures.



camp creativity art fun summer drawing sketching charcoal model downtown figure
Students create gesture drawings from live model.

This week, Downtown campers focused on the figure in Fashion Illustration and Figure Drawing. Artists in Fashion Illustration used a variety of media to begin a portfolio of their own fashion line, inspired by personal influences and research on styles and trends. In Figure Drawing, campers worked with a model to capture the human form through quick gesture drawing and longer poses.

This summer has been speeding by, but it’s not over yet! There is still time to sign up for Camp Creativity. For more information about registration, check out our website at http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps.

Weekend Guide: Something Fun, Something for Everyone

By: Ashley Fletcher

Summer is flying by and August is almost near! Finally the forecast includes neither humidity nor rain and we have the perfect variety of events for you to enjoy.

July 25th

NGA Sculpture Garden: Jazz in the Garden
5pm to 8:30pm
Located on the National Mall at 7th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, the Garden is bordered by Constitution Avenue and Madison Drive and by 7th and 9th Streets NW

Hear the up-tempo melodic sounds of Incendio at the National Gallery of Art’s Jazz in the Garden.

July 26th

The Most Haunted Houses Tour
Located at The Octagon House, 1799 New York Avenue NW


Stop by the home of the late Colonel John III for the Most Haunted Houses Tour. The Octagon House starts the trail of chills, as you walk past familiar city buildings that begin to feel very unfamiliar and creepy. Hear the tales of the haunted city that get lost in the 9 to 5 bustle!

July 27th

Capital Fringe Festival
Ticket prices depend on event

Come out and feel the energy of the performing arts at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. The Capital Fringe Festival includes some of the district’s most cutting-edge artists and performers. There are a variety of events from comedy shows to opera and children’s theatre. There’s no excuse as to why you aren’t part of the fun!

It’s Hard Work to Play Favorites: Q&A with Albert Paley and Eric Turner

June 28 marked the opening of American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley here at the Corcoran, a highly-anticipated retrospective that showcases the 50-year career of a remarkable metalsmith. We sat down with artist Albert Paley himself and exhibition curator, Eric Turner, of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, to gain insight on a few of their favorite aspects of American Metal. Continue reading “It’s Hard Work to Play Favorites: Q&A with Albert Paley and Eric Turner”

Camp Creativity: Week Two, It Really Flew! + Virtual Gallery

Week Two of Camp Creativity was jam-packed with lots of creative energy! This week marked the opening of two new camp locations at the Hill Center and Capitol Hill Day School. Keep reading to see what our campers have been up to! Continue reading “Camp Creativity: Week Two, It Really Flew! + Virtual Gallery”