Week Seven has been a blast at Camp Creativity! Keep reading to see what our amazing campers have been working on this week!


camp creativity summer kids art fun georgetown painting mural pirate
Campers create large-scale paintings of life at sea.

Our Georgetown campers really worked their imaginations this week in Pirates and Parrots, Creature Creations, Hidden Gems, and Wild, Wonderful West. Our artists set sail on a nautical adventure in Pirates and Parrots, creating wearable and paper artworks based on pirate life and sea creatures. In Creature Creations, campers explored creepy, crawly, and fantastical creatures inspired the artwork of M.C. Escher and their own imaginations. Artists in Hidden Gems uncovered secret treasures on nature walks and created artworks made from natural materials and inspired by artists Andy Goldsworthy and Dale Chihuly. Campers saddled up and headed West in Wild, Wonderful West to learn about Native Americans and Cowboys, creating everything from “Wanted” posters to totem poles along the way.



camp creativity summer kids downtown glowing darkroom sun art
Students wait while the sun works its magic.

Our Downtown classes this week were Glowing Darkroom and Digital Animation. In Glowing Darkroom, campers each developed unique print portfolios, using a variety of light-sensitive processes. Their monochromatic images ranged from bold and highly contrasting to misty and mysterious. Artists in Digital Animation worked with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create short digital animations. Campers experimented with using Wacom tablets to draw their own scenes and characters. Some artists also produced soundtracks to accompany their work using found or self-made audio recordings.

Camp Creativity is winding down with only one week left to go. Get ready because our spectacular last week, Kid Pan Alley, is just around the corner!