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Providing a Different Perspective on the Nature of Hunting

Category: NEXT 2015

“What is passion?” The camera follows a camouflaged hunter as he walks through a sunlit forest, his steps crunching leaves underfoot. A slight breeze rustles golden foliage while an orchestra of chirping crickets fills the crisp early autumn air. A doe suddenly pops up from the underbrush and the hunter slows his steps. He gradually […]

“For 25 years, I created designs that would go on these huge boxes holding the smallest things. Excessive packaging for the purposes of marketing and sales was the rule. Now my art represents a breakdown of that packaging – almost in its simplest form.”

Positioning bleachers facing a blank wall, Eliot Hicks has envisioned viewers “witnessing the activity that had been stolen from them.” And though you can touch and sit on it, the work’s raison d’être remains ambiguous.

Office cubes are usually set in the midst of a huge office spaces where artificial light casts a drab dull hue, temperature settings are one of two extremes, and there is very little interaction with our colleagues–Pathare is positing an answer.

“The coonskin hat reminds me how playful my mom was – even under all the pressures of being a single mom, she still had the time to play dress up”

With the NEXT Thesis Exhibition opening, we dive in (and paint some walls inside) the immersive installations of Whitney Waller and SooHo Cho.

Noelle Smith, Photojournalism, BFA ’15, remembered the night she pulled into the Annapolis gas station where her friend Zeus worked. Just days into her senior year, Noelle was contemplating the subject for her thesis project. Broaching the topic in casual conversation, Zeus proposed an idea.