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Michael Kamber is Shooting

Kamber is shooting.

“I’m not sure I’m that interested in being a great artist, I’m more interested in presenting evidence and recording history.”

Unveiled had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Kamber in advance of his lecture tonight at the Corcoran where he will speak about the upcoming WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition and the release of his insiders-game book, Photojournalists On War. We spoke at length and bring you this podcast:


“I’m showing one-hundred of the most powerful photos from the Iraq war and people are saying ‘I’ve never seen a single one of these photos'”

(Work from Photojournalists On War)

Michael Kamber is a photojournalist and writer who has covered conflicts in Liberia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, the Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, Israel and the Congo, among others. He’s a correspondent for the New York Times’ Lens Blog, three time Pulitzer Prize nominee and has been published in numerous national and European news magazines . He recently founded the  Bronx Documentary Center, a non-profit gallery and educational space “devoted to documentary projects from around the globe.”

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Michael Kamber speaks tonight at 6pm at the Corcoran’s Armand Hammer Auditorium. Tickets are available here. WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY is on view June 29, 2013–September 29, 2013.