Week Five is over, and wow, has it been wonderful!  Our students have been hard at work on all three of our campuses.  Below you find three virtual showcases featuring the work of our amazing artists-in-training.

Hill Center

summer art camp youth artists creating window
A creative place to do creative work.

For Week Five, the Hill Center campus served students in four classes: Crown Jewels with Ms. Lulu, Mermaids & Monsters with Ms. Elizabeth, and two classes with Ms. Leah, Piece by Piece and Secret Garden. Royal accessories were the focus of Ms. Lulu’s Crown Jewel students who created beautiful, wearable art even Prince George would be jealous of. The students in Mermaids and Monsters with Ms. Elizabeth learned about medieval storytelling traditions and used their knowledge to create and illustrate their own narratives about encounters with magical beasts. In Piece by Piece, Ms. Leah showed her students how to combine different colors and shapes into interesting designs for mosaics using paper, beads, pebbles, tiles, and more. Secret Forest students discovered the rainforest and created art inspired by the fascinating creatures that live there. Check out the amazing work of our Hill Center students below in our Hill Center Virtual Showcase.


summer camp creativity art flowers sculpture green youth student
Art can happen outside too!

At our Georgetown campus, students participated in Ms. Ashley’s Hidden Gems and Ocean Giants classes and Ms. Jacqui’s Eco Art and Naturalist’s Journal classes. The challenge set for our Hidden Gems students was to uncover untapped inspiration from their surrounding world and transform forgotten items and recycled materials into art. Students in Ms. Ashley’s Ocean Giants class created work inspired by the amazing creatures that live under the sea. Ms. Jacqui’s students took a deeper look into the natural world during their Eco Art class and stretched their previous conceptions of materials by using everyday items to create art. Discovery was the focus of Ms. Jacqui’s students in Naturalist’s Journal; using pencils, pastels, and collage materials, our students created an illustrated journal from their observations. You can see all of the work from our Georgetown students below in the Georgetown Virtual Showcase.


summer camp art creativity youth artists student learning paint
Art can happen anywhere. Even on your face.

The Downtown campus featured Ms. Megan teaching Magazine Launch and Ms. Aselin teaching Mixed Media Collage. In order to create a “dummy” magazine, Ms. Megan’s students learned the elements of design, illustration, and typography. Ms. Aselin’s students focused on combining media, including paint, photographs, and drawing materials, into cohesive works of art. Below you will find the Downtown Virtual Showcase which features the wonderful work of our students and some photos of our favorite moments from this week.

Week Five may be over, but there are still three weeks left! To register for Camp Creativity, please visit http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps And don’t forget to check out Kid Pan Alley! They will be hosting all of our Camp Creativity classes during Week Eight!