Week Three at Camp Creativity was chock-full of fun! Campers were all fired up for artistic adventures so keep reading to see to what they have been up to this week.


camp creativity THEARC fun field trip drawing
Campers drawing inspirtation from their field trip to the gallery.

This week at THEARC, campers in Plethora of Portraits and Modern Masters learned about artists Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas and other “modern masters.” They created compositions using organic shapes, were introduced to visual narratives, and developed self-portraits, using different perspectives and exploring relief sculpture in clay. Campers also visited the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection where they looked more deeply at different types of portraiture and drew their own versions of artworks in the Museum.

Hill Center

camp creativity Hill Center paper mache fun kids art
Students get their hands messy with paper mache.

It was an exciting week at the Hill Center for our campers in Around the World, Circus, and Crown Jewels. In Around the World, campers went on quite the journey, learning about different cultures from across the globe and creating artwork inspired by what they had learned. Our Circus campers explored all of the different activities that go on under the big top and made their very own circus creations, through drawing, painting, and sculpting. In Crown Jewels, campers drew inspiration from castles to create their own kingdoms full of castles, stories, and all the accessories fit for a king or queen!


camp creativity fun art CHDS summer field trip
Students take a field trip to the Pixeldust Studio.

In our Cartooning Comes to Life class, CHDS campers did just that. They were exposed to a broad spectrum of styles and methods of creating cartoons and animations. Campers took their work from paper to digital and used their imaginations to create something great.  A big thank-you to our lovely hosts at Pixeldust Studios for letting our campers visit their facility and learn about what real animators do every day.


camp creativity georgetown summer kids fun butterfly painting art summer
Campers creating bold and colorful butterflies.

We had a fantastic Week Three at Georgetown in Paper Explorations, Circus, Clay Castles, and Magic Brushes. Our Paper Explorations class used recycled paper items to construct a colorful neighborhood. The houses were fashioned with fantastic facades made by our brilliant young artists. Campers also designed wallpaper and made super cool paper fans. Our Circus campers created eye-catching posters to announce that “The Circus is Coming to Town!” They also sculpted clay figures full of fun, show-stopping spirit. In Clay Castles, campers constructed ceramic fortresses complete with bright colors and patterns to guard their kingdoms from monsters. Others explored the enchanting world of painting in Magic Brushes. Campers spent the week floating away on lily pads with Claude Monet, creating colorful pointillist landscapes with George Seurat, and making bright sunflowers with Vincent Van Gogh.


camp creativity downtown summer portraits art
Students’ self-portraits.

Studio C and D campers got technical and comical at our Downtown location this week with Pastel Painting, Cartooning, and Color Theory. Our Pastel Painting campers used chalk and oil pastels to create landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. In Cartooning, campers created their own superheroes. They drew from a model, capturing form through gesture drawing to draft a splash page and comic strip featuring their heroes. Campers in Color Theory learned all about the properties of color, including hue, saturation and value and used their new color expertise to create color charts and monochromatic paintings.

We’ve been having a blast here at Camp Creativity! You can still join in on all the fun by registering for the coming weeks. Check out our website at http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps for more information.