We had a spectacular Week 6 here at Camp Creativity! Read on to see what our young artists have been up to this week!


camp creativity hill center corcoran summer fun art gallery
Campers point to their favorite colors.

Campers at the Hill Center got creative this week in Cartooning and Color My World. Our Cartooning campers learned how to incorporate many different styles of cartooning into their work, creating their own storyboards, comic strips, and more! In Color My World, learning about color theory and color mixing helped campers understand how color works. They created beautiful artwork bursting with creative colors!



camp creativity summer art fun collage color glue tissue paper georgetown
Campers get colorful with tissue paper.

This week at Georgetown, our young artists worked with subjects – real and imaginary, big and small – in Creepy, Crawly Critters, Fantasy Art, Plethora of Portraits, and Pop Art. Campers in Creepy, Crawly Critters explored the world of bugs, from elegant butterflies to enchanting fireflies. They created vibrant, colorful artworks of their specimens. Our Fantasy Art campers made artwork inspired by mythical creatures and fairy tales, venturing to unknown lands with only their imaginations to guide them. In Plethora of Portraits, artists used printmaking, 3D materials, photography and drawing to recreate portraits of themselves and their friends. Inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, campers in Pop Art experimented with printmaking, creating product labels, food sculptures, and word paintings.



camp creativity summer fun art students resin downtown casting
Campers gather round for a demonstration.

This week, our Downtown campers participated in Jewelry Design and Painting Explorations. In Jewelry Design, students used mixed media and materials to create 3D, wearable art. Artists created jewelry, jewelry boxes, and other accessories. Campers in Painting Explorations learned a variety of watercolor techniques and used a combination of watercolor and acrylic to create landscapes and abstract paintings.

The summer is winding down, and Camp Creativity only has two more weeks to go! Registration is still open for our final week, Kid Pan Alley. For more information about registration, please visit http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps.