Week four turned out some amazing artwork by our Camp Creativity artists. Read on to find out what campers have been up to this week!


camp creativity fun summer art kids museum natural history field trip
Students take a field trip to the Natural History Museum.

This week at THEARC, students in Animal Menagerie identified an animal as the focus of their art, taking a closer look at proportion, texture, and pattern. Campers used watercolor, colored pencil, clay, and marker to create artistic representations of their animals, influenced by their research and a trip to the Natural History Museum. In Story Illustration, campers designed 2D and 3D concepts, storyboards, and pop-up stories to create a variety of presentations for their narratives.

Hill Center

camp creativity fun summer kids art learning
Campers gather round to learn about their next project.

Our Hill Center campers had tons of fun this week in Mosaic Art and Animal Menagerie. Campers in Mosaic Art took a peek into history, learning about mosaics old and new, and seeing where they appear in different parts of the world. They created unique 2D and 3D artworks using mosaic tiles. In Animal Menagerie, campers brought their artwork to life by creating 2D and 3D representations of the animals they learned about at camp.


camp creativity fun summer Georgetown kids art
Campers huddle up for a demonstration.

This week, our Georgetown campers created some fantastic art in Mosaic Art, Animal Menagerie, Cartooning, and Marvelous Mobiles. In Mosaic Art, campers experimented with mosaics by piecing together patterns using paper, clay, and glass to create intricate designs. Our Animal Menagerie campers explored their wild side, using drawing, masks, and clay to make art inspired by their favorite animals. In Cartooning, campers dove into comics to create stories about stupendous superheroes, amazing animals, and magical beings. They learned the process of cartooning, sketching, proofing, inking, and coloring. Campers soared to new heights in Marvelous Mobiles, creating dynamic 3D floating works using wire, paper, cardboard, beads, paint, and sequins.


camp creativity summer fun kids corcoran gallery sketch
Students use string to make sketches in the gallery.

This week, artists at our Downtown location participated in National Treasure Hunt, Paley Palooza, and Printmaking. Our National Treasure Hunt campers explored the exciting world of Abstract Expressionism, drawing inspiration from Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. In Paley Palooza, campers toured the Corcoran’s Albert Paley exhibition and took a field trip to the Botanical Gardens. They created sketches, sculptures, and watercolor monoprints influenced by Paley’s work and the organic flora in the gardens. Artists in Printmaking were exposed to a variety of block printing techniques including relief, additive, and subtractive, as well as stenciling and cyanotypes. Each student created a diverse portfolio of works in addition to blocks and stencils which can be used for future printing.

We’re already halfway through our summer at Camp Creativity, but we still have four weeks left to go. It’s not too late to sign up for camp! For more information about registration, please visit our website at http://www.corcoran.org/family/camps.