This week, Camp Creativity ended the summer with a bang! Our last week of camp was jam-packed with fun and excitement, as Camp Creativity teamed up with Kid Pan Alley to put together an amazing musical performance. We kicked off the week with a tour of the gallery, taking in pieces from the Corcoran’s permanent collection as well as current exhibition, American Metal: The Art of Albert Paley. Drawing inspiration from the art they saw, groups of campers rotated through four activities: set and prop making, costume design, movement, and song-writing to bring their ideas to life. It all came together this afternoon in a spectacular performance featuring all original songs and artwork written and created by our own very talented campers.

camp creativity summer fun art set props performance Corcoran
Campers cut out shapes for hand-held props.

In set and prop making, Ms. Whitney taught campers a variety of construction and model-building techniques. Campers used these skills to create lightweight, moveable, kid-friendly set pieces inspired by artwork from the gallery.

In Ms. Margo’s costume-making class, students used recycled materials to create unique costumes that reflect their individual personalities as well as the exhibits on display in the gallery.

camp creativity summer art fun kids glue costume performance Corcoran
Campers carefully construct their costumes.

Campers worked with Ms. Roberta to create the choreography for the show. Drawing from the physical characteristics of Albert Paley’s sculptural works, students focused on movement words such as curved, spiky, folded, and crumpled. Campers combined their individual creativity and teamwork skills to create a cohesive set of movements that highlight their music and artwork.

camp creativity summer fun art movement dance performance Corcoran
Students get warmed up for movement with Ms. Roberta.

In just four days, Mr. Donnie and Ms. Mary led students in a series of songwriting sessions that resulted in six original songs and a mini-opera. Campers let their imaginations soar, building on ideas sparked by the incredible artwork they explored in the gallery.

camp creativity summer fun kids art songwriting lyrics brainstorm Kid Pan Alley Corcoran sing performance
Campers brainstorm ideas for song lyrics.

With a final bow, we say farewell to summer and to Camp Creativity. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful group of kids and instructors to help make these eight weeks unforgettable. To see some of the highlights from our final week, check out the Virtual Gallery below!