For our seventh week of camp, students joined us at our Georgetown and Downtown campuses for creative and artsy fun, and they created some fantastic pieces of artwork. Check it all out down below!


art summer camp learning student teaching helping negative space
Ms. Jane assists a student with his negative space project.

In Week Seven, our Georgetown campus featured Ms. Kali teaching Collage Creations, Ms. Chris teaching Textile Design, and Ms. Ashley teaching both Piece by Piece and Secret Forest. Students in Collage Creations worked with mixed media including photographs, text, paper, and paint to create dynamic works of art. In Textile Design, students learned about the fabric techniques and designs of many cultures and gained experience with dyes, dye painting, block printing, stenciling, and Shibori. Our Piece by Piece students combined colors, designs, and patterns made of assorted materials such as beads, papers, tiles, and pebbles to create beautiful mosaics. Using their imaginations, Secret Forest students took a trip deep into the rain forest in order to discover what lies beneath its lush canopy of green leaves. They drew inspiration from their trip to create colorful murals containing a multitude of creatures. You can see all of the work from our Georgetown students below in the Georgetown Virtual Showcase.


printmaking eco art student creativity summer learning camp youth
Student examines his final prints.

The Downtown campus courses included Eco Art with Mr. Tang and Digital Photography with Ms. Megan. Eco Art students focused on the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. They took a deeper look into the natural world and stretched their previous conceptions by learning to make print and paper with recycled materials. Our Digital Arts students started of their week with the basics of Photoshop, three-dimensional modeling software, and digital drawing tablets. They put their newly-learned skills to use and created fantastical creatures, beautiful album covers, and three-dimensional dream homes. Below you will find the Downtown Virtual Showcase which features the wonderful work of our students and some photos of our favorite moments from this week.

Next week is our final week of Camp Creativity, and it is bittersweet. Camp is almost over, BUT Kid Pan Alley will be here to make sure Week Eight the best week of camp this summer! For more information, please visit:

If you’re too busy soaking up the last bits of summer vacation to join us next week, don’t worry. We have art classes in the fall for Aspiring Artists. For more information, please visit