Wow, our students created some spectacular works during Week Six.  Check them out below!

Hill Center

summer camp art creativity learning youth students castles
Showing off their completed work.

For Week Six, students at the Hill Center campus participated in Ms. Donna’s class, Color Your World, and two classes with Ms. Kelly, Collage Creations and Cartooning. Color Your World students explored the history of color as expression and then expressed themselves in two- and three-dimensional forms using watercolor paper, yarn, and acrylic paints. Using photographs, text, paper, and paint, our Collage Creation student created dynamic works of art. Students in Cartooning learned how to transform their doodles into creative narratives in their own comic books. Check out the amazing work of our Hill Center students below in our Hill Center Virtual Showcase.


summer camp art youth student messy paint learning
Art is messy sometimes.

At our Georgetown campus, the classes included Aquatic Art and Eco Art with Ms. Ashley and Clay Castles and Hidden Gems with Ms. Jacqui. In Aquatic Art students studied the wonderful organic forms of ocean fish, coral, and seashells and used colored pencil and watercolors to create their own beautiful, underwater works while Eco Art students explored the many materials and methods for expressing their creativity and revealing environmental splendor with their work. Ms. Jacqui’s students explored medieval storytelling and created their own narratives and magical beings to create imaginative, descriptive works using painting, drawing, and mixed-media as well as building their own fortresses. Using found objects, Hidden Gem students gathered inspiration from nature to express their own creativity. You can see all of the work from our Georgetown students below in the Georgetown Virtual Showcase.


camp creativity art learning youth textile design shibori
Ms. Whitney teaching a method of shibori in Textile Design.

The Downtown campus featured Ms. Katie teaching Fashion Illustration and Ms. Whitney teaching Textile Design. Using pencil, watercolor, and colored ink, Fashion Illustration student built their own portfolios of stylish designs which combine current trends and their own imaginings. In Textile Design, students learned techniques and designs of fabric from many cultures and gained experience with dyes, dye painting, block printing, stenciling, and Shibori. Below you will find the Downtown Virtual Showcase which features the wonderful work of our students and some photos of our favorite moments from this week.

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