Can you believe that summer is halfway done?  We don’t know about you, but time has flown by here at Camp Creativity! As our fourth week ends and we enter the second half of camp, we reflect on all of the amazing work done by our students.

summer camp art learning mobiles youth creativity
Showing off their beautiful mobiles.

Hill Center

watercolor paint student learning art smile camp summer
We’re all smiles when it’s time for watercolors.

Our Hill Center students studied with Ms. Kelly in Mermaids and Monsters, with Ms. Elizabeth in Crown Jewels, and with Ms. Leah in Ocean Giants and Aquatic Art. The students in Ms. Kelly’s Mermaids and Monsters class learned about medieval storytelling traditions and used their knowledge to create and illustrate their own narratives about encounters with magical beasts. Royal accessories were the focus of Ms. Elizabeth’s Crown Jewel students who created beautiful, wearable art. Students in Ms. Leah’s Ocean Giants class created work inspired by the amazing creatures that live under the sea while our aquatic Art students studied organic forms from the ocean and used colored pencils and water colors to make beautiful pieces of underwater art. Check out the amazing work of our Hill Center students below in our Hill Center Virtual Showcase.


For Week Four, the Georgetown campus hosted students in Flower Power and Just Add Water with Ms. Megan and Marvelous Mobiles and Naturalist’s Journal with Ms. Jacqui.

summer camp art fun friends drawing learning
Making art, making friends.

Flower Power students used pastels and paints to create colorful and dynamic flower arrangements after learning about the works of Claude Monet, John La Farge, and Camille Corot. Just Add Water students learned to mix watercolors and apply washes to produce beautiful works of art. Students in Marvelous Mobiles class used paper cut-outs, wire, and other materials to create art that utilizes gravity in order to construct dynamic forms. Discovery was the focus of the students in Naturalist’s Journal; using pencils, pastels, and collage materials, Ms. Jacqui’s students created illustrated journals from their observations. You can see the work of our Georgetown students below in the Georgetown Virtual Showcase.


summer art camp student learning painting
Students explore the possibilities of paint.

At the Downtown campus students participated in Ms. Lisa’s Painting Explorations class and Ms. Ashley’s
Figure Drawing class. In Painting Explorations, students experimented with still life painting, geometric abstraction, and imaginary landscapes on paper, canvas paper, and raw canvas by incorporating what they learned about techniques and styles with their individual expressions. Figure Drawing students studied the basics of drawing a clothed model and practiced drawing through gesture, contour, and value studies as they learned how to capture the human form. The Downtown Virtual Showcase below features the work of our Downtown students and some of our favorite moments from the week.

Week Four flew by! Thank goodness we still have four more weeks left! To register for Camp Creativity, please visit And don’t forget to check out Kid Pan Alley! They will be hosting all of our Camp Creativity classes during Week Eight!