Americans in Paris…Or at the Corcoran

- Please recheck your ID.

It’s no secret that the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s 1869 Society throws some of the hottest parties in D.C. This year’s Fall Fête: Americans in Paris will be no exception. Celebrating the reinstallation of the American Galleries at the Corcoran, and the lure of Parisian life on American Painters, the evening promises to be one of glitz, glamour, and of course, lots of art. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 27 at 9 p.m. and join us as we transform the Corcoran with all the magic of Paris.

Of course, you can’t have a French-themed party without a focus on two of life’s most important vices: Fashion and Food.

In terms of style, Parisian women always get it right. From classic black dresses with pearls –a lá Coco Chanel—to fitted cocktail dress and longer evening dresses incorporating the season’s most modern trends, this is the night to have fun and experiment. The French never play it safe with their style, and neither should you!

And, as the French are famous for eating well, the evening’s offerings will not disappoint. The open bar will feature beer, wine, and the specialty drink of the night, a French Daiquiri Hors d’oeuvres with French flair will be served throughout the night

For those looking for an extra bit of French luxe, VIP tickets are available for a more exclusive evening experience. VIP tickets provide access to the VIP Salon, specialty cocktails, and a gift bag. Plus, you will get to watch the party from upstairs. Ooh, La La.

A notable evening such as this is worth capturing, and our recreated Paris skyline will be perfect for posing. The décor, created by Corcoran alumni, shows off the City of Light’s landmarks, so don’t forget to stop by The Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower for photos with your group.

While there is much to enjoy at an evening such as this, we are most excited that ticket sales benefit the community by providing needed financial support to the Corcoran’s outreach educational programs. A little something for you, and a lot of important support for children in the D.C. community. Tr̀ès bien!

Tickets for Fall Fete can be purchased here. Please know that 1869 Society parties have a habit of selling out quickly, this is one that you don’t want to miss! Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Everyone wants to jet off for a night in Paris, and this year’s Fall Fete makes it easy, by bringing the Joie de Vivre of the City of Light to you.